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2008 beneficent a list of names posted up are announced " Chinese colour civilia
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Total sales volume of our country lottery was 101.6 billion yuan last year, raise money collective benefit fund 34.4 billion yuan, of all kinds charity of outclass whole nation organizes received contribution total. For this, this second pop chart establishs “ China charity first ” of particularly large award, award “ China colour civilian ” its, with commending this one group raises money for the country through buying lottery ticket collective benefit fund, develop made enormous contribution for our country social welfare and commonweal career.

In addition, still published pop chart of the first star charity of domestic last night. Couple of Jie of Zhang Guoli Deng be elected as “ ” of 10 big beneficent star.

Chinese beneficent pop chart is sponsorred by Chinese work association, civil administration ministry, central put together is treated do, in the center of federation of trade unions of China whole nation, the Youth League, federation of woman of China whole nation is directive, begin to be released every year from 2004. Pop chart sets ” of pop chart of “ China philanthropist and “ enterprise to donate pop chart ” two a list of names posted up are odd, the condition that enter a list of names posted up all is year donates 1 million yuan (contain 1 million yuan) above.

The spot one
Repair Dai Caimin of large award winner to receive award

Yesterday, the winner of the first lottery large award that faces medium with real full name, room that comes from Anhui sends delegate China completely colour civilian appears on the stage to receive award. He is a winner of 5 million large award, ever built colour of “ Anhui blessing in Anhui all the way ” , solved a village to make an appointment with 500 villagers to give a difficult issue.

Room complete hair says, the first thing after win a prize in a lottery thinks of to want job of the be apt to that make a point namely. He says, have this kind of idea, the ability after win a prize in a lottery is not afraid of open identity, and still will continue to do thing of be apt to henceforth. Receive award to can appearing on the stage, complete hair represents the house, regard a few China as the delegate of colour civilian, he is honoured very much. Chen Qiao of our newspaper reporter

The spot 2
Tao Hong felt to do significant thing

Zhang Guoli, Deng Jie's couple is contributed in succession in Yunnan built 11 hope elementary school, they still exceeded 1 million yuan for contribution of each commonweal career last year. That evening, deng Jie comes round to receive award as the delegate, she says: I go to “ contribute those who build learn to had written children, they are wearing the most good-looking dress, wearing red scarf to receive me, I feel these children are particularly lovely. ”

The spokesman of figure of love fund ” that Tao Hong takes up the post of angel of “ of foundation of Chinese Red Cross before this, for raise the wind of children of paralysis of deliverance poverty head, ” of action of green lacy commonweal popularizes she or “ ambassador. As China red base conference director, tao Hong already do charities to regard as one's duty works, she says: “ sees return to normal gradually after operation of cerebral paralysis little patient, felt to do a significant thing. Nan of Zhao Nan of reporter of ” our newspaper
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