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The prairie on National Day dam swims 2 days to take general view of equipment d
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GPS navigator, it is OK whole journey helps us locate, search destination.

It is everybody this the leading role of navigation is long rainbow navigate person GPS610, it is navigator of a professional GPS, used Motolora chip processor and M-tar navigation module, can track satellite of 20 fixed position at the same time, search star is fast, location is exact. Use newest way way to connect a map, road network is enclothed wider, map information is complete, cover meal, accommodation, bank, gas station, parking lot to wait numerous the economic news place that we may need, can be us thereby this go on a journey searchs the information that eats and drink to go to offer very big convenient.

In addition, long rainbow navigate person GPS610 still has the numerous recreation function such as book of video, frequency, electron, game, because be driven oneself,swim the thing that needs preparation is more, also can save even MP4 after the GPS610 on the belt fall to be not taken, leisure time can take GPS610 and everybody to share recreational days.

Had done above to prepared to already ensured give a no risk at all this. Waiting to have a holiday mid-autumn now, go on dam prairie move about freely and quickly, with the friend a spend joyfully mid-autumn.

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