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Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 also is not afraid of again in the hand when
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GPS navigator lets me also not be afraid of inner ear again, it goes to the map from planar paper evolution the electronic number product that can carry, the person that makes lack direction-sense like me more very much can drive normally start off travel.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 is the navigator of the first GPS that I purchase, its exterior is cabinet, use screen of 3.5 inches of liquid crystal, convenient I am put in the bag to be carried. The exterior of the crust of pink, individual character, fashionable modelling, no matter take it where, it is special grab an eye.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 is in hand, also not be afraid of inner ear again

Long rainbow navigate person the GPS navigator that GPS321 is a major. On navigation configuration, long rainbow navigate person GPS321 uses acting processor of palm small Atlas3, the Gao Min that carried the main current spends chip of navigation of SIRF3 acting GPS, search star is fast, location is exact; Use map of navigation of latest edition whole nation, map information is complete, road network is enclothed wide, map interest drop is quite substantial. Want to shop, want to go amuse oneself of famous tourist attraction, want to look for hospital, gas station unchallenged. And inside map of buy HongKong and Macow, went to Hong Kong Macao to need not worry about the problem of method, traffic, hotel.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 is in hand, punish sheet to come rarely

Just society drives before long, always one not careful offended a few traffic are regular, area of what speed limit exceeded fast ah, the red light that does not have advertent little corner ah... anyhow, hand over punishing sheet is constant some thing, go down so again, estimation cent is about very quickly to be buckled smooth, the driving licence also did not allow when by revoke. GPS321 of the person that had long rainbow pilot differred, function of dog of electron of the buy inside it, every time monitoring, electron photographs what stipulate like head, speed limit its metropolis is seasonable to give remind, make I am in casual noticed traffic is regular, punish sheet less and less also.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 is in hand, have more recreation project

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 still supports book of video, frequency, electron, picture to browse wait for numerous recreation add function, and the recreational side that the card of 1GB high capacity SD that mark distributes also gives it was offerred powerful mothball assist. Since GPS321 of the person that bought long rainbow navigate later, I often store book of a few electrons, when lying fallow, take read, disengaged when long rainbow navigate person GPS321 still can help him fill charge, it is a pretty good study recreation platform.
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