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Whole set of Ai Wei spy depreciates GPS exceeding dazzle is chosen after all whi
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GPS, the exterior designs fastidious, provide operating system of international mainstream Windowce.net4.2, better buildup systematic stability. Detailed map data can satisfy consumer completely to use. Image is browsed and the function such as sound of image of MP3, MP4 also is to be able to be encircled can nod. This product special agree with to ask only the user of function of the navigation function of GPS and frequency, video.

Opposite at G601, GD608 of Ai Wei spy divides 3D navigation outside, recreational function is more provoking fix eyes on. Random and accessary DABDMB function market is high-definition digital broadcast and digital TV at a suit, cooperate frivolous and concise exterior design, at any time and place you can carry it the body to go up, those who enjoy science and technology to be brought for you is cheerful. The map of GD608 uses current and newest data, have numerous and particular human nature to change a function.

Additional to go after high quality feeling, GD608 is done from in-house hardware sufficient homework, the SiRFSTAR3 acting GPS that it uses guides shipping calculates chip, have the starting character of fast delicacy, can dog at the same time 20 satellites. Go up to the charge for the making of sth. of small cell, GD608 of Ai Wei spy is to comparative exquisite, alone modular interface design, be not general electron product to be able to be compared. What these bringing is convenient not just, more assurance that are a safety. This product suits higher to GPS product demand It product player more, numerous function remains to experience fun at user in use.

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