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Countrywide way way connects a map old take you to upgrade
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GPS user, also can connect in paths of any one family financial situation upgrade service site reinstalls way way to connect navigation map.

Upgrade in what get on 1000 service site, how to make an user fast search the service site to the side, path Daotongdi offerred a variety of meanses: Map of official website inquiry, 400 phones inquiry, navigation inquires.

One, inquiry of entry government website upgrades service site measure:

1, the official website that entry way way connects: Http://www.cn-map.com.cn, click a webpage right of next horn " countrywide map upgrades service site " , enter service site page.

2, in upgrade what site page shows is city of 31 main provinces, if want to inquire more detailed upgrade site information, click " the whole nation " can enter search page.

3, click " the whole nation " hind, enter upgrade service site searchs an interface, in the search casing of top right corner, it is OK to input the province that you are in or municipality directly under the Central Government all relevant province city all upgrading service enumerate comes out.

4, in order to search " Heibei " for exemple, search result upgrades all Heibei provincially service site enumerate comes out, wait for relevant content with phone of detailed seat area address, contact, connection.

2, 400 phones inquire a method

Of course, if suffer conditional limitation to cannot be searched through Internet,upgrade service site, way way is connected upgrade perfectly service system still offerred way way to connect Callcenter of the hot line that do not have care to serve, the user needs to dial only 4008898123, can go to the lavatory to get quickly is apart from oneself recent upgrade the accurate information that serves a site, no matter be in what can get high quality where to upgrade personally,assure an user service.
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