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Fashionable and frivolous tide will raid Newmann S550 to move feeling appear on
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GPS product should have superior performance to at the same time still outer view designs a respect to innovate somewhat not only. With all numbers the product is same, on connotation increasing yuan change, exterior is designed " a rope for towing a boat is small " the way of appearance design mainstream that also will make a car carry GPS, GPS is while time of batteries add boat is longer and longer type of build or figure is slimmer and slimmer also.

Recently, having in domestic number industry quite the Newmann company of consequence rolled out to have freeboard again the GPS product that sexual price compares -- Newmann S550 navigator. All along with the Newmann with products plan sedate and famed style, this products plan introduces fashionable and frivolous idea GPS domain not only, still used bold make public, move the exterior that feels dye-in-the-wood to devise plan. This reflects the development trend that gives current electron product undoubtedly, namely more and more apt reveals individual character and outstanding ego. We let understand this product below.

As Newmann the world understands the newest generation product of series, s550 still withheld gray of this series palm to give priority to tonal alloy crust, and with before of the mass-tone that what acting product distinguishs somewhat is it chose with bright-coloured and the orange that has jumpy feeling is lubricious as auxiliary color, this kind of match colors program that also uses Yi Jing increased the rhythm of this product to feel immediately. 4.3 inches of 16 million lubricious TFT touchs screen of liquid crystal charging pattern to add Quan Bing to be designed without key-press is the another large window of S550, differ to satisfy additionally the demand of the user, this product still supports Chinese and English, punctuation mark to mix an input, spanned multiple language barrier.

Have powerful SIRFAtlasIIIARM9 processor, make Newmann GPSS550 navigator had outstanding information processing rate, the design of 22 satellites passageway also makes it was had not the search star ability of common and stability. And inside the map of navigation of authorised edition of major of newest version traveler that make, contain feature of many 400 news, included city of 330 ground level and 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government among them, road of 2800 many counties town and establishment of form a complete set are relevant information. Not only such, s550 more introduced the human nature such as method of recount of imitate travel navigation, crab to change a function, let you go out without care row.
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