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460 yuan exceed a shock bright inspect a group of A28 navigator whole nation to
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Group of GPS channel product buys registration form

  〖 ZOLGPS channel on September 17 dispatch 〗Days is fleet, before you can say Jack Robinson enters golden fall red-letter day again, drive with family member or friend go on a journey is the business with countless cars most cozy friend. But whether had been you encountered drive go on a journey, and Where is the awkwardness that does not know a way? For this, specially of online GPS channel rolled out ZhongGuanCun this GPS group is bought, you need to cost 460 yuan only, can have pattern of price of a city to be 498 yuan (retail prices is not had absolutely become loose) bright inspect an A28 portable GPS navigator.

The group buys a product -- market price 498 yuan bright inspect a navigator of A28 portable GPS

Detailed function design and evaluation can consult: " walk out of times of sudden huge profits bright inspect connect 498 yuan of cars to carry GPS head to measure "

" 498 yuan alone bright inspect an A28 navigator to tear open solution in the round "

Note: All groups buy an user to all give 2GBSD memory card, original machine takes 2GB memory put oneself in another's position oneself. The map will upgrade henceforth it is 60 yuan, bright inspect an official website to offer upgrade service.

The group buys detail to be as follows:

If 1. decides the group is bought, fill in carefully please the group buys registration form, so that staff member and you have connection.

2. achieves a group to buy chunk after solstice period, beijing car friend comes to ZhongGuanCun online place takes a machine oneself, nonlocal car friend extends freely express.

If 3. needs common trade bill, make clear in registration form case please, impose the surtax of 3% additionally, bill is offerred by the businessman.

4. group buys cut signing up to be to date on October 8, the machine takes time to be oneself on October 11, all machines all are pay beforehand, unified deliver goods.

5. group buys group of number: 70389205.

Group of product of online GPS channel buys ZhongGuanCun registration form

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