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Dimension of 1680 yuan of Korea moxa is special G601 sales promotion installs tr
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GPS, the radian of two side of G601 grasps held sense very comfortable. Airframe is bilateral the key of the key-press that make type be in big toe lower part, and the design of key-press large scale is concealed in airframe bilateral, original design enhanced the line sense of G601, the operation goes to the lavatory again in the meantime.

G601 of Ai Wei spy tries drive experience:

settle on G601, basically be to see be bored with traditional 2 dimension map. Pay attention to vogue with what now, last year with respect to settle on Aiweite's G601 but at that time the price of more than 3000, it is too expensive really. The map of the try out G601 with right first time, overall feeling is lively, allow legibility quite. Its map interface street, building, car is design of 3D stereo type entirely, the identifying with OK and relaxed user viatic is outspread direction, drive the feeling that multiply and actual and street photograph to agree, complete leave out traditional 2 dimension map is necessary the procedure that allows an user to be changed in map of brains lieutenant general and real course, the operation goes to the lavatory more simply.

There was bit of cloudy day a little when my try out that day, car window also is stuck have height radiation-proof stick film, the 18 seconds when G601 is used, search arrives 8 stars, expression not common. In other objective way, arrive at crossing to turn every time, the electron photographs a sector of an area that needs an attention like first class, g601 can shift to an earlier date commonly 15 seconds undertake speech is forecasted, I am OK very easy control speed, the attention observes road condition. Additional, to using be used to I of 2 dimension map, like very much to the design of G601, have 11 kinds of human nature that release solely to change a map to shrink put scale, be like: 90 ° , 65 ° , 50 ° , 35 ° can inspect angle, the use of convenient user. 8 kinds search means, setting of 7 kinds of pictures makes the picture of Aiviter more vivid and agile, become a GPS that has life truly.

Overall experience:
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