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Beautiful case GS4120 your exclusive muti_function distance management implement
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GPS navigator regards distance as navigation system, went out to bring huge to go to the lavatory all right for ours. But as ceaseless progress, what more and more GPS go after is more diversiform, more intelligent human nature changes serve for broad consumer. Regard the United States as well-known brand beautiful style, navigator of the 3rd GS4120 changes more human nature functional dissolve at a suit. Better satisfaction the demand of consumer.

As at present most the operation design that human nature changes, beautiful case GS4120 chooses the journey to show a design on fundamental way management, reveal all information the user from the first result of the search, a section of a highway that the time that needs expenditure distance of total course of development, the rest, always in all for example, the rest time, place should pass and turn crossing. And be in all turning crossing, can automatic occurrence clarity puts the highroad face, the route that gives you was brought safety and convenient.

Additional, in imitate travel, the user can be mixed according to road surface state ahead of schedule oneself car problem, random adjusts rate, such with respect to can very good understanding before you set out whole distance spends time, let you had arranged a travel ahead of schedule. And be below method program function, you are ground of by of can aleatoric set, evasive the ground, let whole go out without any troubles, bring a travel of perfect safety.

Design of beautiful case GS4120 is easy and sedate, feel of plastic oily spray paint is exquisite, inside buy pottery and porcelain accepts aerial. Electronic dog function can set early-warning point in navigation system, to channel, overspeed, take a picture, the public transportation driveway means that hints with speech reminds an user. GS4120 has sound of book of FM frequency modulation, electron, image additionally to broadcast a function. Exceed strong handwritten input to identify a function, supportive phoneticize, associate wait for a variety of input methods. A lot of function is based on the GS4120 of a suit, the friends that 1880 yuan price likes clutched.
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