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Long rainbow GPS321 and love car hand in strong danger to bring back the home to
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Navigate of GPS_index/subcate111_32080_list_1.html"class="hui14_line"> long rainbow person GPS combines company of country insurance broker to roll out within this month in Wuhan area " reach home of recapture of strong danger navigator 1888 yuan " sales promotion activity, the client needs to hand in 1888 yuan only, can obtain total value to be wrapped for 2549 yuan great gift, include: A year when company of 950 yuan country insurance representative deals with value period " car car traffic is compulsive danger " , with value 1599 yuan long rainbow navigate person navigator of GPS321 Che Zaiwei star. This activity special overflow, the opportunity is rare, broad car is friendly people what to still wait for, quick action.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321 is long rainbow beautiful China rolls out this year advocate the introductory model that makes fashionable outward appearance, the product has black, white the crust of two kinds of different color, give a person with pure and fresh and free from vulgarity the first impression. Its exterior is exactly like MP4, use screen of liquid crystal of type of 3.5 inches of feeling, the base case of balata lacquer craft, exterior Founder feels the quadrature in the compasses in be less than however, the front of 4 screw enchase an ornament to make its reveal personality, airframe upper part one gules frame punctuate of long rainbow Logo among them, chic beautiful.

In navigation respect, long rainbow navigate person GPS321 uses processor of double nucleus of palm small AT640372MHZ, the Gao Min that carried the main current spends chip of navigation of SIRFSTAR3 acting GPS, search star is fast, location is exact. And inside buy is practical electronic dog function, electron of record of user of OK and effective help is photographed resemble remind an user head, in time to notice speed and decreasing punish sheet.

Long rainbow navigate person GPS321

Additional, long rainbow navigate person GPS321 uses map of newest whole nation, have special topic of information of place of Yo of countrywide each cardinal principle, to wanting before the consumer that goes looking around is more convenient, the match special subject in GPS321 is being used to enter a map directly when driving can; In the meantime, it still has news of map of HongKong and Macow, went to the lavatory not only outback user goes HongKong and Macow travels, more convenient the user of area of HongKong and Macow produces row, implementation product is boundless inside whole China bound navigation. Be aimed at those having to be driven certainly age, GPS uses seasoned senior player for, long rainbow navigate person the navigation need that the DIY function of GPS321 map can satisfy players to abstain the individual character map that belongs to his. In the meantime, substantial interest nods information to be able to think consumer provides the information such as tourist attraction of detailed meal, bazaar, hotel, travel, one machine is in hand, can make the user produces not to have care without care, accommodation all right, shop not to have care without care, travel without care, cate.
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