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Moxa Suo GPS masters business chance market to precede capture " boat " affectio
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GPS navigator is in 6 years chinese mainland is arisen, already gained huge success in area of Hua Dong, Hua Na, China north, navigator already was become have potential of content of science and technology, market and stable settle or live in a strange place most at present group product category, at the same time navigator market already also began to wait for economy to owe to southwest, northwest develop the area develops. The security that navigator can bring, convenient new drive the concept already began to gain ground extensively.

Moxa Suo electron (Shenzhen) limited company, be a when invest by Taiwan and Hong Kong dedicated the high-tech enterprise that consumes electronic product at vogue, company volume research and development, production, sale at an organic whole, the product basically includes GPS navigation product, communication product and product of several images sound. Moxa Suo is known as inside the industry " navigation expert " , center of its research and development is set in Taipei, production center is set in Shenzhen Baoan, the navigation product that begins its to produce from 4 years already supplied overseas market in great quantities. "Expert of moxa Suo navigation " devote oneself to domestic navigation knowledge gain ground, begin what spread out navigation in market of countrywide each district to popularize an activity from 8 the beginning of the year. After moxa Suo entered Guangxi market 8 years May oneself, be in early or late steam of 10 thousand lis of market of market of Nanning electron science and technology, articles for use of automobile of cheek high number, Fu Yi, international matchs a city, agency of each famous car brand, and channel of 2 class city builds image store, brand shop. Moxa Suo company accredits strong business and promotion group, develop navigation knowledge chair freely, accelerate Guangxi people to be opposite the acknowledge of navigation knowledge. The market that passes a few months is bred, had formed the network of GPS navigation distribute that is dominant with new division, moxa Suo at present, moxa Suo already became Guangxi market to have the GPS navigation brand of market potential most.

Moxa Suo company pays close attention to navigation market development, hold to benign business environment, network of net of as online as ZhongGuanCun, hubble-bubble, Pacific Ocean computer is given out jointly " the industry must control oneself, moxa Suo appeals GPS manufacturer together win-win " proposal, appeal navigation market brand, boycott qualitative bad product jointly, build environment of benign trade competition.

Moxa Suo breeds mature GPS in Guangxi " boat " affection also attracted many speculator, use at present Guangxi number and steam match channel to be opposite of GPS navigation industry not familiar, the small firm with not neat decline of good people of a few quality begins to search product of navigation of channel distribute GPS in Nanning. This approves small firm inferior in quality, and with market of low case fight closely, after service cannot be ensured, order of serious disturbed market. Already discovered in Guangxi market machine of chance of machine of stock of much money firm, low end, face-lifting, copy is risked at present machine, this kind of machine all does not accord with national quality standard, without after service, each sale terminal attracts customer with low case only, do not bear any responsibility to consumer, interest of serious damage consumer, destroy whole industry development.
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