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Multiple protection " double " double radar of double graph of preferential Newm
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Product of navigation of GPS_index/subcate111_1081_list_1.html"class="hui14_line"> Newmann GPS, all along with high grade, operation handy and celebrated, and GPS navigation king is told below the Niu Mantian that rolls out recently -- Q6 is the among them person that above average more. It not only inside buy is high-powered receive chip, have function of powerful navigation of fixed position of satellite of GPS whole world, support an authorised edition more at the same time the map data that Kailide and traveler have complementary sex twice, a travel that allows you is expedite, without care.

First one proceed with, q6 true colour of 16 million kinds of TFT touchs that 4.3 ″ accuse liquid crystal to show screen lets a person shine at the moment immediately, so wide visual field, do not see more in GPS product, be worthy of is " navigation king " ! And exceed strong hardware configuration, add follow one's inclinations " double graph switch " the mechanism is the design window with this paragraph the oldest product. Alleged " double graph " those who point to is, at present on market most of the mainstream " traveler " and " Kailide " two electrons map, and each has his strong point of these two maps, for example: Point of many 400 information was made inside traveler map, for the foundation with this it can be inside short time the program gives convenient route chart, and the advantage of the map depends on Kailide, included the road data of Hong Kong and Macao area not only, more the detailed life information that provided many kinds of big 10 100 many group such as site of include dining-room, supermarket, bank, village, for mid-autumn or 11 go the broad consumer more that HongKong and Macow travels chooses.

To novice gens, the monitoring of electron of double radar intelligence of the buy inside Newmann Q6 calls the police system, double data covers a range wider, it is your safe hour to remind. Add arbitrarily below a variety of circumstances not only, delete electronic eye data, can classify management to save, the electronic eye data in still can sowing report boat according to user and need of actual a section of a highway. In addition, q6 still has very powerful blue tooth to avoid carry communicate function, identify rate is high, can support the market above most blue tooth mobile phone, although gallop,let you also can answer nervous, busy business easily on high speed road. Added safety factor not only, more the risk that reduced a policeman to punish sheet, it is the first selection of business affairs elite!

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