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Piercing eye identifies Kailide original map strategy
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Map of edition of pilfer of GPS navigator mount, flicker consumer is bought with original price, average consumer also is sciolistic to electronic map, often suffer from does not have method test and verify.

Pilfer edition map leads wrong way not only, a lot of main information points are missing, and upgrade to do not have safeguard at all after carry out, of pilfer edition map flush. The rights and interests of original software firm also cannot get protection, final result is navigation swim up and down industrial catenary distortion, of fall victim final it is consumer.

Kailide regards home as the biggest navigation map provider. Its guide Ang map plans with excellent way, relaxed interface, use a sex easily wide suffer consumer to love, kailide also is to get of pilfer edition map kill. Kailide is GPS course of study inside first roll out software " Id " , system of test and verify of online authorised edition lets Kailide each original users can discern easily personally. Let you get no longer the deceit of unscrupulous merchant.

Relaxed 4 paces identify:

The first pace: Open Kailide mobile navigation system, enter map interface, click " search "

(C series interface)

(T series interface)
The 2nd pace: Searching a page to input " AAAAAA " (6 A)

(C series interface)

(T series interface)

The 3rd pace: If software plays a new window, this machine is shown in the window " equipment feature is piled up / the feature is piled up " , ask you to record code of this equipment feature, if software does not have any reaction, the Kailide that proves you are bought GPS navigation software is earlier version or pilfer edition product likely, dial please 4008860118 undertake relevant seek advice;
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