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Choice for high-definition GPS navigation China Electronics G68
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Only one-word corporate ------ China Electronics, which uphold the good for the user to pass a new life experience digital audio-visual purposes, the subsidiary of the design of a variety of machines are from the human point of view. G68 introduced today Car navigation device, the navigation system equipped with a super professional, coupled with rich entertainment features, you can watch TV, watching movies, listening to music, reading novels, so rich in content, and smooth enough to make you worry-free travel, fun unlimited . G68 with 5-inch widescreen, enhancing the overall visual experience. Silver shell, house format interface, an exclusive abrasive design, has a unique sense of pride. 800 × 480 ultra-high resolution, high-definition decoding, the top To ensure that audio and video playback, clear screen and bright, display a stronger sense of hierarchy, 16:9 widescreen display also allows to enjoy the best of any point of view can be presented to you the most perfect picture, whether navigational routes also use it to view Watch the video file is, to achieve the best results. In view of the map area, G68 map legitimate travelers used the data with 7.32 million POI Map, Add 420000. Road mileage of 2.21 million km, the new 50,000 kilometers. Such vast amounts of map data, enough Everyday navigation use. Second, using the 3D navigation software, to achieve 360-degree navigation, if not used 3D systems, users can also map the three-dimensional and two-dimensional switch freely between. Another bus travelers also adds features Option, you can check bus stops, leaving the user Fortunately, DIY users can add, modify, custom radar point, function more humane. In addition, G68 with 4G memory, so much space you can Select the load other maps. Digital television, G68 China plans to participate in the eye color, users get the hand, then from the date of opening of watching TV for free 3 years, can now watch television programs 6-8, CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CCTV- 5 News channel, eye color film, the local units. And for stocks of friends,, G68 also supports real-time online stock information inquiries, entertainment financial correct. Entertainment, G68 can play RM / RMVB, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP video files and other mainstream, no longer have the trouble of converting the format hard to waste time, feel free to download free to watch your favorite movies. Also Supports various music formats, and TXT e-book access. G68 4G with large storage space, while the fuselage on the left is also reserved for expansion slots, support 4G/8GTF card expansion. G68 robust, with a reasonable price, so very high price, let it become the focus in the GPS market. Friends often travel to consider this machine.
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