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Official BlackBerry GPS navigation software coming out of China Mobile
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China Mobile officially introduced the BlackBerry GPS navigation software: Business Name: mobile phone navigation Description: no need to purchase the map, do not take a lot of mobile storage space, just install the software on the phone at any time to be able to provide vehicular / road navigation services. Note: You can use the mobile navigation terminal includes: 1. Built-in GPS smart terminal. 2. Intelligent terminal + Bluetooth GPS module (requires separate purchase) Business rates: Beijing / Tianjin / Liaoning Province / Hubei Province / Shanghai users 15 yuan / month or 2 yuan / time. Other areas free of charge. Business will generate in the use of traffic charges, the proposed application for GPRS packages, please contact 10086. Mobile Navigation Seamless coverage maps of the country, as used with the check Three-dimensional map display, full accurate voice navigation Map data is automatically updated, at no additional charge [Where I] stands ready to provide the location of your peripheral RIM built-in support for GPS models (official data) 8310 8800 8110
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