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Any time I swim GPS: navigation development path of China united Si Zhuang op
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Benefit from the leader in the promotion of national policy, and capital strength to support the integration of Internet and mobile communications industry has now formed the scale of hundreds of millions. As with the Internet, mobile communications par sunrise of the third industry, China's satellite navigation system 16 years ago, with the official start. Now, in the united Si Zhuang, driven by a number of enterprises, the Chinese civil satellite navigation quietly begun the process. As Internet, mobile communication technology based on these two social development process, as the accumulation of 16 years, the satellite navigation industry is moving into the critical period. With the sudden emergence of car navigation systems, global satellite navigation industry is facing three major changes, from a single GPS system into a compatible coexistence of multi-constellation GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System); from a vehicle-based applications and communications market shift Fusion-based applications for personal consumption; application products from distribution operations into a service-oriented. How to develop personal consumption and operational services market, the Chinese government and the spatial information business thinking and attention. April 2010, as China's Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications industry's largest and most complete product range of leading-class companies, united Si Zhuang successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Combined with NavInfo, super mapping software, the Big Dipper through a large number of satellite technology, listed companies, which not only form the Chinese stock market's new pages, while the satellite navigation industry for the first time raise the capital markets great enthusiasm, many speculators and retail investors for united Si Zhuang stock so favorable, so the Chinese satellite navigation industry to obtain huge capital support, but also set off a wave of universal education. According to the plan, united Si Zhuang in car satellite navigation and intelligent information system project, to be used to raise funds 75,760,000, with a total investment of 140.15 million to reach an annual output of 12 million units car satellite navigation and intelligent information system, any time I travel car navigation development of the capital strength to achieve dramatically. At the same time, China launched four consecutive 2010 Compass navigation system, satellite network, construction of China's satellite navigation system into the fast lane. September 2010, satellite navigation as a new industry into national second Five-Year Plan, including the united Si Zhuang, including state enterprises have also been a number of departments of industrial policy support. Infrastructure and capital in place, which is exactly the same pre-development of China Mobile Communications. From 1987 the first analog cellular mobile phone system in Guangdong Province completed and put into commercial use, to the GSM digital telephone network in 1995, the official opening, along with the completion of infrastructure, the Chinese government began to protect the financial support and policy support on the mobile phone industry. Charges from the phone network in 1999 to allocate 1.4 billion yuan to support the development of the mobile phone industry, while the State has also set up four research and development center, each year 5% of the telephone installation fees allocated to R & D center. It is this massive investment of funds and policy, the Chinese mobile phone industry started. 1997 Eastern Communications Company established the first mobile phone production lines in China, foreign and domestic mobile phone enterprises foundry until today the outbreak started on the road. Communications industry with reference to the path, we can predict that the myth of the next mobile navigation industry will soon copy? However, unlike the government boost mobile communication industry, business model on the road, in 1994, even the GPS in most people these three letters mean do not know, but united Si Zhuang Guo Xinping, founder of GPS technology in the field has accumulated 8 years experience! I know people do not know - this is the united Si Zhuang source of core competence is the cornerstone of any development I swim. Domestic navigation industry, although the core technology is an important issue, but more important is the industry's overall understanding, in particular user needs and market demand to grasp, in the government infrastructure, while the united Si Zhuang either I swim as the representative of the enterprise has quietly nurtured a mature market-oriented model. Rampant cottage in 2007, the hardware product homogeneity "shell charter" phenomenon intensified in 2010, with the climax of the retreat cottage, one of the brands involved in R & D technology is difficult to sustain. Crazy in the industry of non-rational, united Si Zhuang was continuing to adhere to the core technology research and development, to establish any of the core technology I swim barriers to competition, has achieved early warning technology innovation, innovative voice navigation area, TMC function development, and through MiniSun3.0 engine technology revolution, in one fell swoop "cloud computing" technology into the vehicle navigation industry. Technology continues to innovate to help me swim to seize any opportunity to brand the first year. Travel to face the complex environment of China, experts believe that with enough technology and innovation to meet the localized needs of car owners in China, which is set back international brands the key to the Chinese market. Back in March, united Si Zhuang either I swim to the joint cooperation of upstream and downstream enterprises of the potential vertical integration of cross-channel platform with the power and build the first car navigation industry, the largest resource integration platform. Through the "add application customization of core technology" of the Apple model innovation, united Si Zhuang realized either I swim for Chinese consumers customized products to meet customer needs and then complete the liberation of product strength. Back in 2005, Yao became the spokesman of any I swim, and then was promoted to corporate shareholders united Si Zhuang. Tang's 2010 tour and I think any strong Acorn together the air campaign started the navigation market, high altitude using innovative marketing model, and thus promote the popularity of navigation products and technologies to enable more comprehensive understanding of the consumer brand of professional products and services provided by . In the sales terminals, flooding the market power of a cottage industry the biggest obstacle to the terminal through the power of the brand power to curb the cottage is considered to be the key to market development. To this end, I swim in any number of informal enterprises as the representative of the power through the integration of the terminal, the impact of the cottage. After six months of promotion, united Si Zhuang either I swim VI national coverage of the new image of the terminal renovation project has achieved initial success, 3C 4S store shop concept and the concept has been extended to major markets in the country, constant service system gradually to the country. United Si Zhuang professional layout I swim any channel, mass consumption channel, multi-professional co-consumption channels model has revealed obvious. Social infrastructure in the satellite navigation technology to the development process, in the Chinese car navigation market, a crucial period of explosive growth, united Si Zhuang either I swim four successive wielding Sword, comprehensively promote the products, technology, markets, channels, three-dimensional four dimensions strategic layout, this is China's consumer satellite navigation market to market changes and operational services, the best model. After the rise of the seeds 05, 06 years of contending, 07 years of rampant cottage, 08 melee heroes, the price battle, ending the brand in 2009, the first year of the brand in 2010, the ever-changing car navigation system integrated into China 16-year history of the satellite navigation industry. The leader, the national policy, and capital strength, driven by three major factors, such as satellite navigation can like the Internet and mobile communications, to achieve a leap in technology to the social basis? We'll see.
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