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Combined Tablet PC + GPS Navigation New Birth
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December 3, 2010 afternoon, Tencent microblogging has exposed a Tablet PC users of new products. It is understood that the product is the world's first integration of a GPS satellite navigation in the Tablet PC. From the exposure of the figure, we can see, this is named "Qipad device to send" Tablet PC from the famous consumer electronics brands "AOCOS" shape creative. Tablet PC is a new class of scientific and technological development in recent years, with a small, portable, support handwriting and other characteristics, since Microsoft released in New York, Tablet PC, the Tablet PC becomes a moment the focus of discussion. This broke the news in the microblogging the "Tablet PC + GPS" in the integration of new class, but also to the use of tablet PC represents a major step forward in the field. On the "Tablet PC + GPS" new class of information fusion, Xiao Bian will continue to dig more information about the Olympic track insider visual products, the product of concern to car owners, business people Stay tuned to this series broke the news of the information.
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