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GPS navigation is dead from entertainment to survive
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GPS navigation is dead from entertainment to survive 2010, the domestic car navigation market, not only changes the year, smart year, additional entertainment for the GPS function of the product is innovative in terms of one year. Although the built-in car GPS products, additional entertainment with navigation features of the product itself has less to, but as an integral part of product features, country-specific GPS products as a major distinguishing feature, and we think it is obliged to inventory. Today we'll come out in 2010 with the GPS in China with new features to resolve what, in 2010, in the end of the GPS in our hands addition of those new features? What entertainment has become the domestic new entertainment standard GPS? And the future of automotive GPS products for the domestic entertainment functions among some development prospects, look at the current automotive GPS products are involved, have fun and reflect the main navigation, GPS can survive together. A variety of GPS Entertainment 2010 GPS for the car can be considered in terms of the entertainment year by leaps and bounds, and then maintained RMVB CMMB coexist with the premise that many newer, more entertainment, more stylish entertainment functions into one, change the richness of entertainment already exceeded the imagination of ordinary people for the GPS, the next we come to combine the entertainment of 2010 GPS for eleven years resolution. First we look at the first visit in 2010 a new entertainment vehicle GPS direct reading of true 1080P high definition performance. As a standard 1080P Portable MP4 entertainment function of direct-reading, with the car GPS hardware configuration has significantly improved the success of the domestic automotive GPS to log on to the body. Direct reading from the first to support 1080P T510 Austrian visual navigation in the domestic market beginning we have seen in the constant, E Road, Air and many other brand name products to support this feature, you can see 1080P direct reading many brands of GPS has become companies in the entertainment aspects of the killer. HDMI interface has appeared in the GPS body Do not have a bright little HDMI There is no doubt play 1080P fluency GPS There is no doubt play 1080P fluency GPS Although the car has a 1080P high-definition GPS products, direct-reading capabilities and support 1080P but the MP4 compared to the angle of view or from the use of a certain gap. Due to limited storage space body, car GPS in order to attain the capability to direct reading 1080P will take some time. However, we welcome that and car GPS 1080P direct reading is still relatively harmonious coexistence, but who 1080P can survive long in the GPS we are cautious. Next we look at yourself as the domestic main function of GPS products, entertainment RMVB direct reading in 2010, the real performance. RMVB direct reading can be said to have been solid in 2010 became the standard of domestic automotive GPS products, entertainment, after a volatile 2009, trance, voices of doubt in the midst of genuineness in RMVB who survived in the domestic GPS down, in addition to the video thanks to the increasing popularity of RMVB video, and we can not ignore the practicality of this year RMVB GPS users have come to be recognized. GPS support is already a common phenomenon RMVB Animated films can easily face the GPS Car GPS-screen size with more and more, 5 inches, 6 inches or even 7-inch GPS product growing, RMVB direct reading him in the performance of GPS products, more satisfactory. Moreover resolution of 800 × 480 HD resolution LCD screen display for the gradual spread RMVB direct reading of the visual effects technology paved road. So after nearly 1 year after the accumulation, RMVB system function and become an integral part of many new GPS, so that the performance from the entertainment point of view is boring RMVB car GPS products provide a touch of vitality. Browse for photo browsing, and text can be regarded as old-car GPS in terms of acquaintance, from the GPS made the birth date of ambiguous location of these two additional features has been associated with side-car GPS is about, from a purely entertainment point of view, the text browsing can read e-books, slightly stronger than the practical function of picture browsing, but from the perspective of navigation GPS navigation products to support more photos to rely on pictures browsing. So this is the survival of these two entertainment the reason for a long time. Once upon a time the camera was also on the mountain leakage GPS It is from the navigation point of view, we believe that once all the rage in the photo should be returned to the car navigation GPS products, and are as automotive GPS products more widely, users will increasingly rely on GPS in travel products, and thus related to the navigation function is necessary for the user. And photos from a practical point of view is the navigation, the user can not only make pictures with location data can also be shared with other users, which greatly increases the fun of interactive navigation, we believe that pictures from the entertainment point of view, although the effect here not, however, associated with the words and navigation we hope this feature will continue to exist. Chat over a number of optional entertainment features, we again look at the last change in 2010 reflected the entertainment. In-car GPS in the CMMB ratings become a major selling point for many products, but for road navigation for this feature will not only affect traffic safety, and indeed we believe that the general practicality. Reflects a very easy road navigation As the saying goes poor change, and change the pass, General reached. Only through change can make progress, the truth can be said that CMMB has been fully reflected. In 2010 we saw the clear color of China, see the clear color Finance, and finally in the end we see the clear color and navigation integration of navigation, and navigation has become a clear alternative to color navigation map navigation software, CMMB flow With the help of the media can provide users with more comprehensive real-time traffic, live-to-date information and other information, we are pleased to see the CMMB continue to change in the navigation around and eventually became an integral part of the intelligent navigation. Conclusion: Smart navigation is not only open the 2010 year, for domestic products, GPS products, changes in the overlying water clouds turn is a major highlight of this year. Halfway into the direct reading 1080P been condemning though, but cool look at this world GPS products for domestic manufacturers an embodiment of a demand entertainment. A wide range of popular shows RMVB this function is gradually being accepted by users, the recognition. The photo is really really makes navigation image browser appears to have some chicken. Finally, the navigation of the reborn clear color, we see the development of the domestic recreational GPS products in one direction, only for navigation, for the sake of user navigation needs of the GPS functionality is the most suitable for the entertainment, if the GPS is not reflected through the entertainment Shares navigation taste, it seems that for GPS products, this feature exists on the meaning of nothing.
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